Titan Machinery Romania wants to be the preferred partner of the Romanian industrialist who wants well-made and profitable projects that will bring the greatest possible benefit to the community of which it is part, in the medium and long term. It is well known that Titan Machinery Romania has advanced technologies and complete complementary or independent services in the field of advanced precision agriculture, telematics, analysis and processing that transpose the business on the path of predictability and smart and profitable investments that automatically involve zero losses.

In addition to these products and services, it was imperative for the American company to enter the professional irrigation systems market in Romania, a necessary step made by virtue of complete offers that can include an advantageous configuration of products and services adapted to any farmer and at unique, unbeatable prices. .

Investments in professional irrigation systems will increase crop yields by up to 2 times, substantially reduce labor costs and accelerate farm maturity, provide stability and make them profitable and independent of climate fluctuations. Our irrigation systems are suitable for medium and large fields, any space and configuration.



  • Ukrainian equipment of European quality.
  • State compensation for the cost of equipment.
  • 100% installation supervision.
  • The warranty of the equipment from the date of implementation of the project and until the date of transmission to the final buyer is ensured 24 months after the end of the installation.
  • Post-warranty services by your own service department.
  • Availability of components in the manufacturer's warehouse.
  • Express equipment maintenance team for the entire territory of Romania.





Irrigation with wide cover systems with automatic movement is the most common method of irrigation in industrial agriculture. It is widely used for crop protection (application of fertilizers and plant protection products through an irrigation system).


  • the lowest labor costs and the ability to cover large areas with almost all types of crops;
  • the systems can operate on slopes of up to 15%;
  • inlet pressure is relatively low, 2.5-3 atm;
  • uniformity is up to 95%. Many options are available, so the systems are suitable for irrigating all types of areas.



It is intended for watering square fields. The base is rigidly fixed and the rest of the structure moves with the help of electrically driven wheels. The connection to the water source takes place at the place where the central tower support is fixed.


It can move, so it can be moved from one land to another or on the same land but in different places.



It is intended for watering rectangular and long fields. The whole construction moves linearly along the irrigated area. The water supply is made directly from the hydrant located along the field by means of a hose.



It is intended for watering square, rectangular and trapezoidal surfaces. It has the ability to rotate in several points. If necessary, rotate without securing the center carriage. The water supply is made directly from the hydrant located along the field by means of a hose.


The remote control system of the "Control VI" pivot irrigation systems in "Variant Irrigation" ™ allows the control and monitoring of remote device irrigation through the user's device browser (PC, tablet, smartphone) via Internet or WI-FI. The web page displays all the functions of the operator panel and the functions of all the major hardware commands and displays related to the remote control control mode.

What the system can do:

  • Control one or more machines at the same time
  • Start / stop the movement of the machine
  • Move it to a specific location in the field
  • Turn watering on / off
  • Adjust watering speed and speed
  • Show water and electricity consumption
  • View machine work in real time (position and working characteristics)



Bogdan Constantin
PR & Communication specialist